Friday, September 23, 2011

My Chic Thrift: Fall Fashion - Welcome back wardrobe!!!!

My Chic Thrift: Fall Fashion - Welcome back wardrobe!!!!: I realize that I've left my reading classes outside. I jump out of my chair and hurry outside to get them from the patio that has been my o...

Fall Fashion - Welcome back wardrobe!!!!

 I realize that I've left my reading classes outside. I jump out of my chair and hurry outside to get them from the patio that has been my outdoor living room for the summer.
I feel the cold air and the raindrops falling today and suddenly, I get chill -not from being cold but from the excitement that for the next few months, I get to wear my favorite clothes!!!
Autumn has arrived  and this can only mean one thing here in sunny San Diego!! It's time to break out the autumn wardrobe!!!!! Cardigans, black riding boots, berets... here I come. Hand maid scarfs, bright colored turtle necks, my cozy argyle socks... how I've missed you. What fun we will have together as I mix and match you together with a great penny loafer or a sleek black boot!!!

Now that we all agree that this is the season to truly be chic and flaunt your style because honestly -its about options and Autumn is  all about options. Layering is the key to creating a classic yet individual style!

My suggestion...hit the thrifts. Thrift stores are now starting to bring out their Winter stock. Now is the time to start looking for not only a great Halloween costume but also that perfect winter coat or a great pair of rainy day boots and slicker!!  You'll find those great looking long armed wool sweaters that will cost you $50 retail for about $5 . Trust me -great deals are there for the taking!
Love it!  Love it! Love it!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Art of Re -Design!!

Re-designing? What's that? Re-designing is to take an article of clothing and change it so much that it  has now taken on a new life. I know that sounds dramatic but it truly can be ! I've taken a long lavender taffeta floor length skirt that I bought at a thrift store (of course) and turned it into a great hip fringed mini skirt. I could see the mini skirt as soon as I picked up the long skirt -the material was a great color and it had so much potential but the design was off. I could visualize the modern mini style.I'm sure this piece would have never sold at the thrift because taffeta and long skirts have been long gone in the fashion scene for a while!

Ladies, lets do this!
Go through your closet and pick out something you still love (because its still in your closet) but do not wear very often. You've kept it because you love the color,the buttons, how it fits you, etc. Next, sketch out the garment as it is now. Next step is to start taking off elements or adding in elements such as changing the sleeves, adding in some new texture, changing some buttons.. and so on. Think about dying the fabric. See what happens before your eyes. Let your creative side take over. Before you know it -you've redesigned your first garment.

Try it out.. and post your creations here. I'd love to see what your redesigns look like!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Chic Thrift: Where did we go?

My Chic Thrift: Where did we go?: Where did we go? Rosy Creative reporting for duty! So sorry to have disappeared, at least virtually from writing my blog. So much has happen...

Where did we go?

Where did we go? Rosy Creative reporting for duty! So sorry to have disappeared, at least virtually from writing my blog. So much has happened since our last entry.

No more interns for one. Loved them and miss their help but both our interns this summer, Alexius and Gina have returned to finish out their last year of high school.

On the team side -I've hired an project / operations manager. Her name is Kimberly Bailey and as she likes to say -she sparkles!! Perfect person for the job. Talented, organized, keeps the boss in check and has the perfect personality to work in this fast paced,chaotic business.

What's kept me from blogging has been our current workload. We worked very hard on our Fashion's Night Out project that was scheduled for September 8th!  Major fashion markets in the U.S.A were all celebrating fashion on one magical evening. Otay Ranch Town Center in Chula Vista, CA was one of the local San Diego Malls that was participating in a BIG way. Rosy Creative was hired to do the art direction and before you knew it -we were knee deep in bringing the "essence" of New York City to Chula Vista through fashion, music, visual art and everything cool and hip. Who would have known that September 8th, 2011 would be the day that  Southern California experienced the biggest electrical blackout in history!!!

In between FNO work was a cover shoot for My Home Town and prep for a fashion truck show for MOUETTE -one of my favorite boutiques for elegant   evening wear here in San Diego.Last but not least was a  local fashion  TV spot on Good Morning San Diego.

Glad to be back and have time to stay connected with other thrift store champions and fashionistas!! ROSY CREATIVE is back!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm saving clothes... one garment at a time!

As a "thrift store champion" - hitting the racks and having the opportunity to display a piece of clothing that otherwise might fall through the cracks makes me happy! Here are some items that were on the 75% rack which means one more day or two and they get removed and sent back to the warehouse! Rosy Creative will display them at the mychicthrift boutique and smile as we seem them get sold. That's what its all about -finding that piece of clothes that you know the minute someone sees it displayed and its all put together for them, they'll buy the whole darn outfit!! HOBO CHIC!!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shop and Stock!

It takes some mental effort for me to get in the mood to shop for clothes... but for me when I get to go stock the boutique for the weekends... It seems effortless. Why? because I get to shop for other people! I always have a hard time shopping for myself. My knack is finding clothes that remind me of people and knowing that what I choose for them would look great. I will often see a dress for  my daughter or a jacket for my friend and just know that the color or the pattern would suit them well. This is way I personal shop for my boutique. I grap a shopping cart at the Thrift and just go for it! Clothes just start calling my name or someone else's and into the cart it goes. Stay tuned for some new shots of today's thrifting adventures...maybe I'll find something especially for you!